Our Top 5 YouTube Covers

We love music, and as music lovers we sure do thank God for YouTube. Ever since it’s launch in 2009, YouTube has given people like us the chance to showcase our vocal talents and receive worldwide attention without having to perform in front of Mr Simon Cowell himself. We can hide behind the cameras, battle our nerves and belt our hearts out to all who’s watching. The best part? Well….whether people like it or not, they can’t boo you off YouTube 🙂 To celebrate our appreciation, here are our top 5 YouTube covers of all time.

1. Vedo – Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Vedo covers this years UK number 1 song ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith. Yes before you say anything it does contain autotune but we still couldn’t help falling in love with his voice, his emotion and his passion in this living room performance. Some say he reminds them of Usher, other say he reminds them of Slim from the boyband 112. What do you guys think?


2. Leanne Robinson – Listen by Beyonce

Leanne Robinson covers Beyonce’s 2006 movie hit ‘Listen’, and to say she done a good job is an understatement. She hits every note that not many people have managed to hit, and some of the comments have even as gone as far saying it’s better than the original. We dunno guys, help us out. She’s made it to our top 5 covers of all time… but we all know Queen B is hard to beat. Do you agree?


3. Luciana Zogbi – All Of Me by John Legend

17 million views on YouTube; 48 million plays on Vube. A voice of an angel; that’s exactly what Luciana Zogbi, 19, sounds like as she gives an effortless performance of John Legends ballad ‘All Of Me’. She possesses the sound of a voice that could make you cry and certainly doesn’t need dancers or a big band to draw you in. All she has to do is stand there and sing….goosebumps.


4. Madilyn Bailey – Chandelier by Sia

The song Chandelier has to be one of the best songs released in a long time and Madilyn Bailey does an amazing job in covering it. She has a great balance between capturing the emotion behind the lyrics and  her vocals. Though it’s a cover, it has been altered in a studio sense, however we can’t help but love her version.


5. Bad W0lfy – Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

With such a soft unique voice, you’d think it would be hard to pull off one of Ellie Goulding’s song. Well not this lady! Bad W0lfy possesses the soft vocals that draw you in to hit the reply button. It’s definitely the best version we’ve come across so far, and if you love it too then you can download her version for free here.


What do you think of our top 5 choices? What are some of your favourite Youtube covers?

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