Estēe Lauder EE Crème Product Review

It’s that time again! Our favourite time, when we get to test out the hottest products on the market. “And what do you have?” we hear you cry…  Only the hottest Pixiwoo fave of last year – Estēe Lauder Even Effect Skintone Corrector (EE crème for short). It’s taken us this long to get our hands on it because it has been sold out for ages! So, let’s see how we got on…

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Product: Estēe Lauder EE crème
Price: £34
Where: Feel Unique | Estēe Lauder | John Lewis | Selfridges 


The Estēe Lauder EE crème is very similar to a BB cream; it claims to provide you with “flawless, luminous, even toned skin – instantly” It’s quite a sheer coverage with “a hint of healthy colour and creates an overall even effect”. The foundation is a lot like a tinted moisturiser, it gives a light, natural coverage and it has SPF 30 and powerful anti oxidants which apprently soften, smooth and hydrate the skin.

It comes in a small 30ml soft plastic bottle and comes in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Deep. I am surprised that there isn’t a wider range of colours available but I think this is because it is classed more as skincare rather than foundation. It is available in most department stores that stock Estēe Lauder products, such as House of Fraser and Debenhams; however it is also widely available online for those of us who would rather stay indoors and cosy by the fire during these winter months!


ee cream foundation vs primer enterspree review

Now I am someone who doesn’t have great pigmentation; being mixed race means that during the winter months, when my skin doesn’t get much sun, I looked very peaky and washed out! I don’t have natural blush so I tend to heavily rely on the wonders of cosmetics!
However if you are someone who likes to be natural and prefers a very light coverage, this is the one for you! When I tried the EE crème as a stand alone foundation, although I felt very naked, I did get comments that my skin looked natural and glowing!

So I tried plan B, which works fabulously! I used the EE crème as a primer for my skin, and Voilà! When I applied my usual foundation over the top, it looked flawless. The EE crème did exactly as promised; evened out my skintone and gave me a hint of a glow. My base just had a lovely bronze, something that I struggle to acheive being a dry skinned chick!

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There are many ways you can apply Estēe Lauder EE crème, and that all depends on how you are using it:

Tinted Moisturiser: For the most even application, you want to use a soft buffing brush – this way, you only need a small amount and you can really work the product into the skin. Alternatively, you can use your hands!I wouldn’t suggest this with a foundation as I find it wasteful and messy, as well as an easy way to spread dirt and bacteria. However this product is the same texture as a moisturiser, so squirt a blob into your hands and rub into the face, using your fingers to even it out around any crevices.

Foundation: As before, your best bet is to use the buffing brush to apply: because this is such a light coverage, you need to work this product into the skin and build it up. The Expert Face brush (Real Techniques) is fab for this; the brush is soft and round, you can really buff the product evenly onto your skin, one layer at a time.

TipUsually with foundation you might not want as glowy a look as you get with tinted moisturiser, so finish with a dust of loose powder to seal the product into the skin for longevity.


For me, this product is similar to a lot of the other BB / CC creams out there; however I think I put it on a pedastal: I expected the results of a foundation from a tinted moisturiser. This Product never states that it can work miracles – if you want flawless, incredible coverage then you need a foundation. If you want a sheer coverage with a hint of colour to perk your skin up without having to pile on the slap, this is the product to use. It has SPF, it’s hydrating, it glides on the skin and it is buildable. You may look in the mirror and feel a little vulnerable, but the coverage is enough, even for those of us who wouldn’t dare leave the house with naked face! Its time to embarce minimalism ladies, give your skin some love and a little room to breathe and it will give you so much back!

I cannot wait to try this product on holiday; it is ideal for when you have a bit of colour and juts want something to even your skin out. I think summer is where this product with really shine, when everyone has a bit of colour and wants to embrace the natural glow. It feels very hydrating too, my skin feels supple under my foundation, whereas sometimes in winter it can feel tight and dehydrated. I adore this as a primer, it really creates a wonderful canvas for my foundation, and after using this for the past few days I have found that it really holds onto my make up and keeps it in place all day. I also found that while it gives me a glow, I don’t feel shiny or oily, something that I have also struggled with in the past.

So if you want a tinted moisturiser or BB style cream, this could just be what you have been searching for. Now ladies don’t all jumo at once or you’ll end up selling them out again!

EE review final

My Rating

Quality: 5/5
Value: 2/5
Coverage: 3/5
Results: 4/5
Overall Score: 3/5 (as a foundation) 5/5 (as a primer)

Enjoy, and Happy experimenting! Drop us a tweet and let us know what you think of this fab product!

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