Mineral Make-up For Dry Skin

Those of you who have dry skin know that you cannot use any type of make-up that exists on the market. Mineral make-up products are known for natural ingredients, however, they are also known for exacerbating dryness; this is not entirely true. We set out to prove to you that you can use mineral make-up products even though you have dry skin. So, stay tuned!


Powder vs. Liquid Mineral Foundations

Mineral foundations in general contain no parabens, synthetic colours or preservatives. Quality mineral foundations contain plankton and algae extract nourishing your skin and aiding in hydration. Because of the aforementioned extracts, mineral foundations are especially good for women with dry skin. However, we all have different levels of skin dryness. Some of us prefer liquid foundations whereas some women opt for powder foundations. Generally speaking, liquid foundations may be better for dry skin. Mineral liquid foundations may contain hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture. However, this is not the rule. You should try both types of foundation and find out which one you prefer.

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Mineral Primer

If for some reason you do not like the effect of the mineral powder foundation on your dry skin, there is a solution for this problem as well. A mineral foundation primer is something you need. The role of a primer is to prepare your skin for the make-up. A primer makes the perfect foundation for the powder to cling to. Another very important function of a primer is preventing moisture loss. That is the real reason a primer is perfect for dry skin. Quality mineral foundation primers contain various extracts such as grapefruit, apple, green and white team extracts, which sooth and calm your dry skin. By using a foundation primer, your make-up lasts longer.

Dry Sensitive Skin

Most of women with dry skin usually have sensitive skin as well. Dry sensitive skin is easily irritated, red and prone to allergic reactions. If you have this type of skin, some make-up products can make things worse. As we have said, sensitive skin is prone to allergic reactions to parabens, preservatives, fragrance and all other ingredients sound in most make-up products. Mineral make-up comes in handy because it does not contain any of these toxic ingredients. If you suffer from eczema or rosacea, then go for Jane Iredale makeup. Why? Well, the skin prove to eczema or rosacea is extremely sensitive so you have to be sure that you use quality mineral make-up. According to make-up professionals, Jane Iredale foundations are perfect for coverage, which is super important for women suffering from rosacea.


Hydrated Spray

Another lifesaver for those with dry skin. In order for your dry skin to be flawless, you have to hydrate it regularly. Mineral hydrated sprays hydrate your skin and enable long-lasting and smooth finish. You can use a hydrated spray before or after the application of the mineral make-up. Quality mineral hydrated sprays contain extracts such as chamomile extract, which reduces dryness and sensitivity. Laura mentioned some of the sprays you can get in her beauty tips for dry skin article, and I’d add Evian’s mineral water spray, which is also affordable and budget friendly.

Mineral Eye Make-up For Dry Sensitive Skin

Previously, we mentioned that mineral foundations are good for dry sensitive skin. Now, eye make-up has a turn! When you choose mineral eye make-up, reading the label carefully is of utmost importance. Make sure that eye make-up you are applying is fragrance free. Mineral eye make-up usually contains extracts such as pine bark extract, which claims inflammation. This is of great importance to those with dry sensitive skin.


I hope that now you know that you can use mineral make-up even though you have dry or dry AND sensitive skin. Researching about your skin type and about possible treatments is of utmost important. The next step is finding make-up products which are the right type for you.

Do you have dry skin? Have you tried mineral make-up? Please, let us know if you have any experiences with this type of make-up.

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