Inspire Me To Blog | Naomi, Naomi In Wonderland

For our final “Inspire Me To Blog” series, we reached out to Naomi from Naomi In Wonderland, a blog that focuses heavily on travel, music and lifestyle. We’ve been keeping up with Naomi for a few months now and it’s her breath-taking photography that captured our attention; this alone is a great reason to pop over there. With tons of personality and numerous comments from readers across her articles, Naomi is definitely a blogger worth taking advice from. Let’s get the ball rolling shall we 🙂

1. You started your blog ‘Naomi In Wonderland’ in November 2013. What/who inspired you to take this step?

I always loved writing and my friend Marlies started travelling through Australia on a working/holiday visa so I wanted to start my own blog. I travelled a lot during those months (I was roadtripping through the US) and I neglected the blog pretty much straight away. I just didn’t have enough time.

2. In December 2014 you re-launched Naomi In Wonderland, and now consider yourself to be a lifestyle, travel and music blogger. What made you make this change and how has this improved your blog?

I missed writing and I really wanted to start, again, but I wanted to focus more on pretty much everything I’m interested in. So life, traveling, beauty and music. I think it has improved my blog, re-launching, because now I actually put a lot of effort and time into it and I write about things people can relate to. Or at least that’s what I hope.

3. In what ways does your blog reflect your personality?

My blog is actually me, it’s my entire life on paper. I will always try to write from the heart and not try to be someone I’m not. No one’s life is perfect and I try to write about personal, yet informative things. I’m someone who’s trying to be positive at all times, someone who smiles a lot and loves life. I hope my blog shows that.

4. One great perk of being a blogger is the ability to collaborate with different brands. If you would develop your own skincare range with one brand, who would you choose and what 3 products would you start off with?

I really like Brandy Melville a lot. I like their style, very casual, yet super cute & feminine. I’m also a pretty petite girl and a lot of their clothes are actually perfect for me, which is what I really like about the brand. I would design a beanie & a hat. A basic t-shirt with a beautiful quote, yet very subtle. The perfect pair of jeans. And a bralette. Because every girl needs a good bralette.

5. Looking back at your journey over the past 15months, what have been the highlights of your blogging career so far?

Well, I consider the debut date of my blog to be December 2014 so I have to look back at the past months. I love how people seem to be enjoying my writing. If I can make one person laugh or inspire, then one of my goals in life has been achieved. I definitely look at that as a highlight. I’ve received several e-mails and messages from wonderful girls, all around the world, who seem to be inspired by what I do and that, means the world.

6. How has Naomi In Wonderland changed your life?

I wouldn’t say it changed my life, because as of now it’s still a hobby, a hobby I love, but it definitely helped me stay creative & positive.

7. Where do you see yourself and Naomi In Wonderland 5 years from now?

I’d love to still be blogging, maybe combine Naomi in Wonderland with a part-time job at one point, if possible. But being a professional blogger is only set aside for a select few so as lovely as that sounds, I do have to stay realistic. We’ll see where this journey takes me.

8. What are your three favourite blogs to read at the moment and why

I love The Elle Next Door – she writes exactly how I feel at times, very personal, yet super informative and funny/entertaining to read. Bikinis & Passports because her layout is ridiculously beautiful, the photos she shares are wonderful and she has all around great content. Final pick is From the Desk of J because of the same reasons as mentioned above; good & entertaining content, beautiful layout & photos!

9. Just for fun, if you were shipwrecked for 3 months, what three bloggers would you want stranded with you and why?

Ohhhh, I can’t even decide. I adore so many of the people I’m talking to on my blog, including Amie from Femme with Flair, Jenny from From the Desk of J, Ellie from The Elle Next Door, Jessica from the Pyreflies and many more! They all seem to be the type of girls I’d be friends with in real life anyway so, I guess that’s why! I have a few real life friends who’re blogging as well, so I’d definitely choose them as well.

10. Before starting a blog, many people hear about the glitz and glamour behind the industry. They see the success of many Youtube/blogging gurus, not to mention the money and freebies. For someone reading this who has the same mind-set, what would you say to them to make them understand the reality behind what you do?

Blogging takes a lot of time & effort. You are a one-woman business. You’re the stylist, the photographer, the editor in chief, the copyrighter and more. Blog because you love it, not because you want to gain something from it. Things will happen, if they have to happen. Work hard and treat your blog as a business. Don’t be disappointed if you’re not receiving hundreds of views a day yet. Everything takes time, and even if you’re not receiving hundreds of views, that doesn’t mean your blog is bad.

11. From your experience so far, is there anything that you would change or like to improve in regarding blogging, the community and/or the industry?

Be kind to everyone and genuine. Bloggers all want the same thing, to write/share outfits/be creative/do something they love. So it’d be lovely if everyone genuinely supported other blogs. Not just in order to gain something from being nice.

12. What are the 3 main challenges you’ve faced being a blogger?

Creativity, coming up with good content & time. Like I said before, everything takes so much time. I have set a “5 posts a week” goal and I at times struggle to get all the photos edited on time, the content written on time and more. It’s also not always as easy to make sure you blog on the days you’re “supposed to blog” because I at times still travel, so I have to make sure I have posts lined up. The past few weeks I’ve had a lot of inspiration, but being creative & original & unique all the time is not always as easy.

13. For people who relate to you in regards to those same challenges, what advice would you give to help them overcome it and stay motivated to keep pushing on

Carry a notebook with you at all times. I’ve had inspiration at some of the weirdest moments throughout the day. Also, it helps to schedule posts and write whenever you’re inspired. That way you can schedule those posts for when you don’t have the time/when you’re uninspired. And I also keep up with where my readers come from, not necessarily the country but google/twitter/other blogs. So I can keep up with where I have to put more effort into. Lastly but not least, write down in your notebook, what type of posts get the biggest response. It helps you to focus on what you like to write about and what people like to read.

14. With so many blogs out there, what can aspiring bloggers do to stand out from the crowd?

As cliché as it sounds.. be you. Don’t try to be a blogger you’re not, because those bloggers are usually well known and why would people want to read the same thing over and over again. Blog about what you’re passionate about and it will show through your posts.

15. When you’re visiting a blog, what makes you:
  1. Stay: An attractive layout & clean looking blog with good content & great titles.
  2. The opposite of the things I’ve mentioned above, duh ;)! Writing posts that are too long (if a post is too long, I’d make a few posts out of it), blurry photos and everything that makes it look very messy. If it’s too busy and messy looking I’ll get distracted. If it’s too hard to find where I can leave a comment or something I won’t stay either.
  3. Return: Original, creative and entertaining content. Simple as that. It’s all about the content in reality (with a few good photos here & there)
16. For your last bit of advice, what are your top three dos & don’ts for new bloggers who are about to take their first step?


  1. a) Be you
  2. b) Be creative & original
  3. c) Interact with your readers


  1. a) Forget to credit a source
  2. b) Ignore your viewers/people who comment
  3. c) Write a post because you “have to” write something
17. To finish of the interview, can you sum up to our readers in one tweet (140 characters) why they should head over to Naomi In Wonderland.

I’m writing about things you will be able to relate to, something a twenty-something is interested in. I’m always staying true to myself.

End of Interview


We want to say a massive thank you to Naomi for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions. If you’re interested in starting your blog then we hope this information has helped to clarify the good and the bad about the realities of being a blogger. If you have any questions, feel free to pop them below or tweet us! To contact Naomi directly with any questions, please click here.

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