10 Ways To Stay Fashionable On A Limited Budget

So ladies we all want to look fashionable but the fact is our budget may call for us to be careful as we ramble through the clothe racks at our favourite shops. If you love fashion and style but are a tad worried about overspending then these 10 tips are for you.  We’ll talk you through what you can do to stay fashionable on a limited budget, so follow them keenly to ensure you stand out without breaking the bank.

1. Shopping During Sales & Off-Seasons

I think we can all agree on our experience of buying an expensive item of clothing, only to find it on the sale rack two weeks later! Arrghh. Well on our agreement it’s only best to have this point as our first and foremost. If you’re purchasing clothes from shops that are above your budget line, then make sure that you purchase clothes from their sale rack only; you will save yourself a fortune. In addition to this, shop during the off-seasons. Think about it, red clothes will be more expensive during valentine’s season and jackets will be more expensive during winter. Get our point? Think ahead, and purchase timeless pieces in advance if you can.

2. Sell or Trade The Clothes You Don’t Wear

Selling clothes you no longer wear can make your closet look better. How? Well it simply allows you to gain obtain the funds to finance the new clothes you admire, which your pocket can’t yet manage. The point is you have not strained within the budget constrain. Websites like eBay are an amazing platform for selling second-hand clothes, but in good quality of course. Alternatively, if you’re worried about the price it will go for, gather all the clothes you don’t want and head down to a car boots sale. This again, is an amazing way to sell your clothes for a good price.

3. Be Selective With Colour

Colour is paramount when it comes to fashion. Stick with tight colours if you want to look modern and fashionable. You don’t need to wear an expensive white skirt with a green top. Go for colours which are deceptive. You don’t need to buy expensive black shoes. Instead go for the wide varieties that are cheaply acquired. By doing that, you’ll have a great selection to choose from for your various outfit choices.

traid charity shop

4. Visit Charity Shops

The word “charity” doesn’t appeal to a lot of people but many have hidden gems that young ladies turn away from every single time. Now we’re not saying go and pick up everything you see when you past a charity shop, but instead understand that if you see a piece you love, then you must not be scared to pop in and purchase it. A well known charity shop that sell stylish clothes from top brands is called “Traid“. They are based all over London so be sure to visit their website to find out your nearest shop.

5. Don’t Be Complicated

Go for simplicity. There is no extraordinary dress, handbag shoes or make up. What there is; are ordinary items organized extraordinarily. Pick shirts, tight jeans and choose from what you have to create a unique combination. This makes them seem new, stylish and different!

6. Be Creative

If you’re on a budget, you most likely don’t have the funds to go and buy a one-off piece from Net-a-Porter. Instead, you’re shopping in Primark, H&M and Forever 21 just like everyone else. So Get creative with your old clothes by doing a little bit of DIY to bring them back to life. This way, they’ll not only look more fashionable than the generic styles you admire in the boutiques, but they’ll be completely exclusive. You won’t have to worry about showing up to a wide-scale event, only to find that someone else is rocking the same outfit as you (we’ve all been there). If you don’t know where to start, then check out some amazing Youtubers – our favourite is Andreas Choice.

7. Go For Clothes That Can Be Washed By Machines

Frankly, nobody loves the experience of doing laundry by hand. On the other hand, dry-cleaners will drain your bank at the long-run. Therefore, you should go for those that are machine washable. Of course, it’s important you always read the label to fully understand what setting you should use to wash your clothes. If your cardigan shrinks in the wash, blame yourself, not the quality or the shop you purchased it from.


8. Wear Clothes That Fit Your Body Shape

Do you know what body shape you are? Are you an apple, pear, triangle or other shape? Knowing this is very important if you want to look fashionable in the clothes you wear. Just because Rihanna looks good, doesn’t mean you will too. Just because your jacket cost £500, doesn’t mean you’ll look good in it. For example, if you have an apple shaped body then wearing a body-con dress is a big no no, as it will only draw attention to your mid section; try a skater dress instead.

9. Observe and Copy

Ever walked past someone and loved their outfit choice? Yep me too. By observing peoples style, it will be easier and cheaper for you to go shopping. When you see an outfit on someone you love, go back to your wardrobe and assess the clothes you already have. This will help you to understand what you don’t hand, thus shop for the items you need. This is important because it stops you from picking up everything you like when you’re out shopping. Instead, you’ll be focusing more on the style of jacket you’re looking for, or specific handbag, because you’ll have a clear picture in your head of the final outfit and look you’re going for.

10. Read Ladies Fashion Magazines

Knowledge is power and reading fashion magazines will help you to stay in the know about what items are trending this season. Whether they’re high-end or high-street, the fact is you’ll be able to recognise the style when you come across it at your local Westfield shopping centre. A beautiful handbag whose pictures you saw on one Bazaar magazine can’t make you break the bank when there are cheap stalls around.

Utilise the available resources to create a style that will make everybody admire you. Do you have any more tips? Share them below or tweet us!


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