Get Kylie Jenners Lips In 3 Easy Steps

Move over Kim Kardashian, it’s all about the Jenners!

Samantha asks: Hi Laura, these days it seems to be all about the Jenners. Kendall and Kylie are both stunning but the one story that keeps popping up is the big question over Kylie Jenners huge pout. I mean she’s only 17 so I highly doubt she’s had fillers, so I wanted to know if it’s possible to re-create Kylie’s full lips with makeup, but without breaking the bank or looking like a drag queen? 

Kylie Jenner
Photography from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

Laura says: Hi Samantha, with makeup anything is possible…well almost anything. To get this particular look it’s all about highlighting, contouring and a damn good lip liner

Move over Kim Kardashian, it’s all about the Jenners! That’s right, Kendall and Kylie are becoming two of the most talked about women in entertainment and the hot topic of 2014 seems to be about Kylie Jenners lips. Are they real? Are they fake? Who knows ey. There are a lot of people out there who says she’s had fillers, but there are just as many people who disagree with this statement. Despite the controversy, Kylies lips are becoming one of the hottest new beauty trends and many ladies like Samantha, who love the new overdrawn lips look are curious to know how they too can naturally create this with makeup.

Is it possible? Yes, but the most important part of this process is being able to blend in your new lip line with your natural lip line; otherwise you will just look….well weird. So keep that in mind as I take you through the 3 steps to achieving Kylie Jenners lips. Let’s go!

What You’ll Need:the items that you  will need to recreate kylie jenners lips

  • Soft Pink Lip Pencil
  • Light Brown Lip Pencil
  • Highlighter




For the light brown lip liner, I recommend Rimmel London Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner at £3.99. Addiction and Eastend Snob are great colours and there’s no need for a pencil sharpener. Now if you want to try this look straight away and don’t have brown lip or eyeliner to hand, try an eyeshadow or even an eyebrow pencil! I actually used my Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil for this look as I couldn’t find my brown liner! If this doesn’t float your boat, then I would also recommend MAC Lip Pencils at £12.50. I used Boldly Bare for this particular look, that and Soar are nice and dusky, whilst oak and spice are nice soft brown colours. They might seem quite expensive for lip pencils but they are very matte and the colour holds really well.

When I say highlighter, I don’t mean the illuminous pink ones that you used at school. Go to Boots and get your hands on the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. It is probably the greatest thing you will ever own. It’s £7.99 and worth every penny! It’s light, smooth, moisturising and glides on with a great sponge-like applicator.

The 3 Step Process



Using your chosen pink liner, outline your lips and then begin to fill them in. If you have thinner lips then draw slightly outside your natural lip line as this makes them look bigger than they are. In fact, the further outside your natural lip line you go, the bigger your lips will look, but its all about being subtle so don’t go overboard! We dont need a Jodie Harsh situation on our hands.


Grab your magical highlighter, dab a bit on your index finger and dot it on the raised part of your cupids bow, around the edge of your lower lip and along the top of your chin. This brings your lips forward, creating the illusion that they protrude out, which is essential for a good pout!

Tip: Whatever your skin colour, I would recommend going 2-3 shades lighter depending how dramatic you would like your contouring to look: if you want a Kim Kardashian look I would go 3 shades lighter!


Take your brown lip pencil and starting from the corner of your mouth, begin to line your lips. This will work as an illusion to mask your original lip line. If you created a new lip line earlier, make sure you still follow that. Once you’ve lined your lips, start from the outer corner and fill them in a third of the way. When you’ve done that, use your finger and very lightly press down on your lips to blend the brown into the pink. You want the centre part of your lips to remain pink, because the lighter it is in the middle, the fuller the lip will look

Finished! – Before & After

Yep I’m dead serious! That’s it. You’ve just learnt how to re-create Kylie Jenners fuller looking lips. Now it’s up to you. This is where you can now play around with it yourself to get the desired look you’re going for. You can have the brown as dark or light as you want. Wan’t to add a bit of lipstick? Go ahead. Just remember it’s all about blending and creating depth.

Top Tip: Try to keep your lips as matte as possible, not only will it last longer, but it also hides any ‘enhancements’ you have made to your natural lip line!

Final Look

So guys this is the overall final look along with a before and after photo of Kylie Jenners lips. I hope you enjoyed this and found it easy to follow.

What results did you get? How did it turn out? I’m dying to know! Leave your feedback in the comments below, or even better take a picture and tag @enterspree on Instagram. If you have any questions at all, including anything you didn’t understand or would like to try differently, then just let me know. Alternatively if like Samantha you have a ‘Get The Look’ request, then feel free to contact me.

Question Time

Are you a fan of Kylie Jenners overdrawn lips? Do you even believe that they’re 100% hers or are you one of those non-believers? Vote and comment below.


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