SBTV Jamal Edwards Receives An MBE From Prince Charles

“I am now Jamal Edwards #MBE”. Jamal picks up his MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Jamal Edwards showing off his MBE

Yesterday (March 26) Jamal Edwards, the founder of SB.TV, was honoured by the Royal Family as he collected his MBE medal. Since 2006, the 24-year-old has built up an online platform, which has changed the face of mainstream music for young urban artists. Grime, as we call it, is a genre created and dominated by young black men across the UK. According to Jamal, “Self-belief” has been the main ingredient to his success. Where so many failed to believe in him so early on in his journey, he had to keep moving forward believing in himself. This week, he has inspired us all as his self-belief has now been recognised by the most important family in the country.


Jamal wrote on his Facebook “I’m honoured to be one of the youngest people awarded with an MBE. Never in a million years did I ever think I would receive such an accolade. For me this is about us – the youth”

His current YouTube channel for SB.TV has raked over 150 million YouTube views and obtained over 215,000 subscribers.

The young entrepreneur has collaborated with Richard Branson, has his own google chrome advert and discovered great british talents like Ed Sheeran. Today he stands as an ambassador for MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation.

With so much under his belt, the millionaire inspired his readers on Facebook by continuing to say “with so much negativity around us it’s hard sometimes to stay positive and fight for your dreams. When I started my YouTube channel I was working at Topman, I worked there for four years investing in myself. The world won’t help you, I learnt that early, you have to help yourself, you have to invest in yourself to better your life.”

Jamal Edwards receiving an MBE is well-deserved and from everyone at Enterspree, congratulations.


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