8 Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

Any makeup rules you followed for glasses wearers before, throw them out the window and take note of these 8 great tips!

In the past, glasses have been something of a taboo; worn only by geeks and grandparents, it was considered a fashion crime to be seen in a pair of specs, but not any more! Geek is the new chic; glasses are hipster, cool and everyones booking appointments at Specsavers to see if they can get their hands on a pair! Glasses are the ultimate rule breaker and these tips tell you how you can look fabulous!

rep lips loose hair


1. Stay Flawless – Do not adopt the attitude “if I’m wearing glasses, you can’t see much of my face so I don’t need to make an effort”. Wearing glasses draws attention to your face, so you have to make sure it is looking more flawless than ever.

2. Use Concealer – Glasses tend to cast a shadow, which accentuates any dark circles, so don’t be shy with concealer! A peach or salmon colour concealer is best for dark circles as it cancels out the blue/purple tones.

3. Keep Powder With You – Try keep powder handy at all times; your glasses will leave little indents and throughout the day will cause a build up of oil and shine – pressing a bit of powder on the bridge of the nose and under the eyes through the day will prevent those specs from sliding right off!


winged eyeliner example

4. Wear Eye Makeup – If you’re thinking wearing eye makeup will look too overpowering then you’re wrong. Not wearing eye makeup will just make your eyes look tiny and they will get lost behind your frames. Keep it glam and follow this simple rule: “the thicker the frame the bigger the flick!”

Tip: There’s no need to go all gothic and whack on the panda eyes. A simple winged eyeliner looks great with glasses!

5. Always Wear Mascara – Lashings of mascara will really open up those peepers. And to prevent your lashes tickling your lenses and smearing them, invest in an eyelash curler. They may look scary but they are easy to use and the results are awesome!

6. Have Thick & Defined Eyebrows – Your brows are so important when you wear glasses! Your glasses may frame your eyes but your brows frame your glasses! If going to the salon seems like far too much time and effort just for a pair of specs, follow our great tutorial on How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

red lip hair up


7. Wear A Bold Lip – Throw away the rule that says “lips or eyes, never both”. Bold, thick winged eyeliner and a bright lip are the signature look for glasses girls. They compliment each other and stop the glasses from overshadowing your beautiful features! Experiment with different shades and textures (matte or gloss). Try the Kylie Jenner Ombre Lip, or maybe gothic and sultry! The world is your oyster!


8. Style Your Hair – Glasses are a good distraction from a bad hair day, but that’s not an excuse to leave your hair to do it’s own thing. If you’re feeling lazy then try a side french braid or put it up in a cute bun. If you’re going out then glam it up with some curlers and extensions (if required).

That’s our tips ladies, a few nifty ways to work your greatest most unexpectedly glamorous accessory without spending hours in front of a mirror! Do you have any tips of your own? If so tweet us or let us know below.

Published by Laura Henderson

Make up Artist and Blogger!

2 thoughts on “8 Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

  1. I have been having eye problems for a long time now but I have been putting off getting glasses because I didn’t want to look different! I know that I really do need eyeglasses and I am glad to know that I can still look fabulous! I think I will see my optometrist here in Fayetteville, NC. Thank you so much for sharing!


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