Get The Look | Nicole Richie

Looking for some style inspiration on how to rock a white jumpsuit? Nicole Richie shows us a thing or two.

Nicole Richie always looks immaculate. With a polished look, sophistication and sexy are written all over this outfit. Colour blocking blacks and whites is a great way to make a statement and your outfit interesting. Nicole has teamed together a black bralette with a white plunging neckline giving the outfit shape and dimension. The best thing about this is with white you can work with any colour as another base to create a pop and go all out if you wish.
I’ve re-created her style for you with chosen pieces that you can easily get your hands on and not to mention that are cheaper and look just as good.

Celebrity Profile

Name: Nicole Richie
Birthday: September 21st 1981
Best Known For: Starring in the reality TV show ‘The Simple Life, with Paris Hilton

nicole richie wearing white jumpsuit with black bralette- get the look

 Get The Look For Less

There we go, the perfect way to have a fabulous looking outfit where you look like a star for a quarter of the price. What celebrity style are you crushing on at the moment? Let me know in your comments below. 

5 Comments on Get The Look | Nicole Richie

  1. I love her style and automatically love this! Great post, thanks for sharing. xo Naomi in Wonderland

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love look for less posts. Cool 🙂


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