What To Wear To Work

Have you been struggling with knowing what to wear for work that doesn’t consist of a black skirt, white shirt, tights and plain shoes? If that sounds familiar then you’re definitely in the right place.

I’ve been on the hunt this week for a few sophisticated and trendy work outfits that will have you looking like a spice. I’ve combined a few pieces with a splash of colour and some awesome shoes to create a stand out but professional look. If heads don’t turn and compliments aren’t thrown your way when you walk through those doors at work then let me know because that can only mean two things – either I haven’t done my job right or you’re colleagues are just jealous! I think I know which one I’d choose. Check out the four outfits below.

Working Looking 3

Here I’ve taken a statement piece – a printed pencil skirt from River Island, and used it to bring colour and trendiness to the overall look. Complimented with a clean white peplum top you can either accentuate the blue tones with some simple blue pumps, bring it back with some traditional black block heels or keep it simple with a pair of white flats. Complete the outfit by styling it with an over sized bag and trench coat.

Total Outfit Cost: £404.00

Jane Norman Belted Wrap Peplum

Marc Jacob Daisy

Chicwish Over sized Coat

River Island Blue Floral Pencil Skirt

Heels Flokiko White Flat

Akira Circus Pumps

Office Strappy Heels

Mod Cloth Tote Bag





The Working Women

This corporate look includes a capped sleeve Dorothy Perkins dress and is open for an arrange of colour options. I’ve team up the look with a pop of orange seen with the pointed heels and Jaeger Clutch. This look adds some style and flair making it the focal point of the outfit. If you love the black and white colours instead, simply style in a pair of heels to match. To complete this look, combine a fitted grey blazer accentuating your waist, and finishing the the outfit off with a classic grey handbag.

Total Outfit Cost: £292.00

Dorothy Perkins Dress

White House Blazer

Dorothy Perkins Paper Doll Heel

Dorothy Perkins About Rose Heel

Dorothy Perkins Paper Doll Heel

Zara Buckled Bag

Jaeger Cooper Pouch

Net-A-Porter Lipstick






Working outfit 2Feeling like you want to be bold and add a few different colours  to your work look why not style together some purple and blue tones. Team together which a white blazer or cape, some cropped pants and finish up with a gold watch. Or if you want to keep the colour to just the purple wear some black and white flats or some simple black boots. This outfit is great for the girls who want to be on trend with colours and are going for a more relaxed work, look which still maintains its professional feel.

Total Cost: £361.39

Yoox Purple Top

Yonis Colourless Blazer

Newlook cropped trousers

John Lewis Lexie Pointed Loafer

The Real Real Alice Olivia Boot

Charles Keith Sling Bag

Joma Shop Bulova Watch

Mode Kungen White Polish

Nordstromrack Platform Bootie






Working out fit 4

Last but no lest. This outfit is focusing on the traditional monochrome work colours but ensuring that you are still be on trend. This Jane Norman bandage skirt brings the outfit together with a simple black and white blouse, which means you can focus on adding in some prints in the shoe department. Styled with some Ash pink lipstick and a monochrome bag this outfit is one that will keep you looking sophisticated and stylish for your day at the office.

Total Outfit Cost: £331

House of Fraser Contrast Blouse

Newlook Blazer

House of Fraser Jane Norman Skirt

Net a porta Check Shoes

Akira Circus Pumps

The Hut Zebra Heel

River Island Tote Bag

Blooming dales MAC Kit

Net a porta Lisptick






There we have it ladies, four amazing looks for you to try over the course of time. I hope you loved what I’ve presented to you and of course if you have a favourite then you know what to do! Let me know whether they fit the dress-code you have at your work place, or whether you need some more help. If you do then of course you can comment below or drop me a line here.

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