15 Great Songs From The 00’s We’ve Forgotten About #TBT

Ever been browsing through your iTunes playlist or Youtube and come across a tune you haven’t heard for ages? You click to play it and all of a sudden you find yourself in some throwback music mood? Yes us too; in fact that’s exactly what we’ve just finished doing.

After taking a well needed trip down memory lane we’ve put together a list of 15 great songs from the 00’s that we have all forgotten about. No matter who you are we’re 99.9% sure that you’ve heard most of these chart toppers, and if you haven’t then we’d highly recommend that you get out more.


1. Drake – Brand New


 2. The Dream – Falsetto


 3. Mya – Case of the Ex


 4. Damian Marley – Beautiful


 5. Alicia Keys ft. Eve – Gangster Lovin


6. Mary J Blige – Be Without You


7. Jeremiah ft. 50 Cent – Down On Me


 8. Blu Cantrell – Hit Em Up Style


9. Chingy – One Call Away


10. Marques Houston ft. Joe Budden – Clubbin


11. Lloyd ft Lil Wayne – I Want You


12. Amerie – 1 Thing


13. J Holiday – Bed


14. I Don’t Wanna Know


15. Usher – I Need A Girl


We would ask whether you love it or hate it, but we know you love it. What #TBT tracks have you come across on your iTunes playlist? Let us know below.


4 Comments on 15 Great Songs From The 00’s We’ve Forgotten About #TBT

  1. Mya Case of the Ex!!! I loved that song.


  2. Great list! I forgot most of these songs actually…and some i havent heared of like that marques houston song “clubbin”? Where was I when they released it? Probably not in a club… LOL!!


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