Seventeen ‘Make Your Mark’ Soft Eyeliner Review

We’ve all been there – attempting the perfect winged eyeliner and ending up with it all over the place! Liquid eyeliner is tricky and not for the faint hearted, however what if we could make it a little easier? What if there was a liquid liner for the make up novice?

17 make your mark eyeliner point
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Seventeen Make Your Mark Eyeliner, £3.99
Where To Buy: Boots | Superdrug | EBay | Amazon | Seventeen

Overview – “Seventeen have provided us with a fantastic fuss free eye liner for those of us who hate the frustration that comes with applying liquid liner. Similar to a felt tip pen, this affordable eyeliner is nicely packaged, easy to hold and quick to apply. It’s an all round must have” 

The Product

Clumps and lumps no more! The ‘Make Your Mark’ eyeliner pen is everything I want from a liquid liner; it’s shaped like a pen, meaning you can hold it closer to the tip for more precise application. It has a long, pointy tip which solves the problem of clumpy lashes, as the pen glides past them without leaving any residue. The 17 eyeliner pen is also water based rather than oil based. This is great for those who wear false eyelashes (glued or extensions) because it means you can reapply the product throughout the night without dissolving the glue. I’ve often found that an eyeliner being oil based is partly to blame for them becoming thick and congealed. The fact that the 17 make your mark eyeliner pen avoids this issue is a big thumbs up for me.


I love how easy the application is! I would definitely recommend this eyeliner for beginners; you have so much more control and you can really perfect your wing, plus it glides easily along the lash line with minimal mess. Once applied, the product dries really quickly, but because of this I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with more mature skin as it may pull against any folds and cause a jagged line. On the plus side, the drying power is amazing for hooded eyes and those who blink a lot mid application. Why? Well it simply means you won’t have to worry about that annoying imprint you get on your eyelid when your eyeliner hasn’t fully dried yet, or that nice print of liner in your eye socket! Panda Alert!  Taking your time this pen allows you to build up your eyeliner look; you can have it as thin or thick as you like. The only downside for me is that it’s dryer than the usual liquid liner (obviously) – so if you have eye shadow on you may have to go over your line a few times because the pen does tend to pick up some of the colour, leaving gaps.

winged liner

To see great looks using the Seventeen Make Your Mark Eyeliner, check out my Romantic Eye Makeup Look and Makeup Trick For Hooded Eyes Tutorial.

Lasting Power

I have been wearing this product all day every day for the past week and I think its great! It lasts for the full 12 hours I wear it; it bonds to the skin regardless of eyeshadow or eyelash glue; it doesn’t affect any adhesive and it dries in seconds. It’s not water resistant, so it does have the tendency to spread a little if you apply the eyeliner too close to the waterline, but that’s something that can easily be fixed – i.e. not applying it too close to the waterline.

Final Thoughts

I love it! Whether you’re a savvy make up artist or a complete novice, the 17 make your mark eyeliner is a must-have product that I would recommend! Its great value for money, easy to apply, lasts all day and dries in seconds! What more could you ask for? The tip is solid and very pointy, meaning you can get that perfect defined wing without the fuss and mess of the slow drying liquid brush liner. As a water based product, seventeen eyeliner is great for a night out because you can re-apply it without the worry of it dissolving your eyelash glue or clumping up your falsies – now…you try to get that with an oil based liquid liner!

My Concerns:

  • If you have soft sentivie skin or an irritable eye area (e.g. excema) then I would think twice about this product. Although it worked great for me, the rough pointed tip may be harsh on your skin causing inflammation and/or swelling. Therefore, it’s important that you look into this more. I would recommend that you go to the drugstore and test the pen against the back of your hand to see what it feels like. This should give you a better idea on whether it’s a suitable product for you or not.
  • I’ve had the 17 make your mark eyeliner for many weeks now and it’s yet to dry out, however I am worried that because it’s so similar to a felt tip pen, it will run out a lot faster that most liquid liners with pots. With this being said, the price is great. At £3.99 you won’t be breaking the bank if you have to get a new one in a month or so!

My Rating:

Quality: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Results: 5/5

Overall Score: 5/5

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3 thoughts on “Seventeen ‘Make Your Mark’ Soft Eyeliner Review

    1. The great thing about the Stila liner is that it is waterproof and really does stay all day! I havent used it but i would imagine you would probably need an oil based make up remover to take it off, as water alone wouldn’t work! Seventeen isn’t waterprrof so is easily removable but you may possibly have to top it up if you’ve had a heavy day. The Stila liner looks great, precision brush and great staying power, I would say that the biggest difference is in the price, it really depends if the user is prepared to pay nearly £10 more. Thank you for your comment, I will definitely be trying out Stila liner in the future! L x


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