The Beaded Girls Fashion Wish List

Beaded drop hem flair dress. Grey in colour decroated heavily with cooured beads around the side and front of the dress.

This month my wish list consists of sparkles, beads and sequins. From bags to dresses and some matching outfits in between, not only is my wardrobe in need of some desperate spring cleaning but it definitely needs a bit more Shazam. With Lipsy, Asos and H&M having some incredible pieces, I just can’t keep away; they are unique, classy and fun. Below is a little taster into the pieces that have caught my eye this month.

Beaded drop hem flair dress. Grey in colour decroated heavily with cooured beads around the side and front of the dress.

Brand: ASOS
ItemPremium Jacquard Pep Hem With Embellishment
Price: £100.00

Cream single top with embellished sequins running down the middle of the top. Paired with cream relaxed stretch shorts and beading following the seams from waist to front hem

Brand: H&M
Item: Beaded Top and Shorts
Price: £39.98

Pearl and beaded box clutch with whites, golds and dark blue.

Brand: ASOS
ItemPearl and Bead Embellished Box Clutch
Price: £38.00

navy blue cami v neck singlet top.. Beaded with white,blue and grey beadeds in v shaped formation on the front of the top.

Brand: Lipsy
ItemLipsy Cami Top with Bead Embellished Front and Cross Back
Price: £45.00

Cream sequined blazer with gold sequins running down inner middle hem

Brand: H&M
Item: Sequined Jacket
Price: £29.99

Black Mesh beaded Kimono

Brand: H&M
Item: Mesh Kimono
Price: £79.99

beaded black trousers with embellishment down the side of pant

Brand: H&M
Item: Beaded Trousers
Price: £39.99


What’s Your Thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed my sparkly beaded wish list this month. Do you have a favourite beaded piece? If you’re looking to add some incredible rings to an outfit then head over to last months cocktail ring wish list. Until next time ladies 🙂

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I am a 25-year-old Australian travelling the world a tiny bit a time. Offering advice, tips and blogs to Countries I visit. I love to explore culture, taste food and indulge in fashion. My current Location Mexico

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