Easy Valentine’s Day Nails In 5 Quick Steps

If you’re a novice looking for an easy nail design for valentines day then I’ve got the perfect trio. Best part? It takes less than 15 minutes!

Love or hate it Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re planning a night in with the girls, a candlelit dinner with your partner, or just chilling in your PJ’s, Valentines Day is a great excuse to pamper yourself and give your nails a little makeover.

To celebrate the years most romantic holiday I’ve created three simple but noticeable nail designs that can be mixed, matched and easily adapted to suit your personality and style.

What You’ll Need:

essie, red nails, nail polish, CND, Formula X, Valentine's nails
From Left to Right: Base coat, Top coat, Nude nail varnish, Red nail varnish, Cuticle oil, Nail brush
  1. Base CoatI used Formula X Prime Base Coat ($10.50)
  2. Top Coat I used Formula X Shine Top Coat ($10.50)
  3. Nude Nail VarnishI used Deborah Lippman Naked (£16)
  4. Red Nail VarnishI used Essie Aperatif (£7.99)
  5. Cuticle OilI used CND Solar Oil (£11.95)
  6. Skinny Nail Brush – I used  Claire’s Neon Pink Brush Set (£4.50)

Let’s Get Started…

Design 1. Valentine’s Tiny Heart

  1. Apply a base coat to prep your nails
  2. Apply 1-2 coats of your nude nail polish.
  3. Dip your skinny nail brush into the red nail polish and draw the shape of a heart in the centre of the nail
  4. Wait 3-5 minutes for your nails to dry
  5. Once dry, apply a top coat and cuticle oil.

Design 2. Lana Del Rey Inspired

  1. Apply a base coat to prep your nails.
  2. Apply 1-2 coats of your nude nail polish.
  3. Dip your skinny brush into the red nail polish, and draw two sweeping lines from the top center of the nail outwards.
  4. Fill in the blank space with red polish.
  5. Leave your nails to dry for 3-5 minutes
  6. Once dry, apply a top coat and cuticle oil

Design 3. Valentine’s Tiny Heart (Reversed)

Ok so this design is the exact same as the ‘Valentine’s Tiny Heart Nail Design’, but in a reversed order. You just have to follow the same steps as ‘Design 1’, but use the colour red for ‘step 2’ and the colour nude for ‘step 3’.

You’re probably thinking why did I do this…well the answer is simple – to show you how easy it is to adjust the details of a design to make a bolder statement. You could try switching up the colours; black and gold looks amazing, and why not add some glitter? Here, the world is your oyster.

What will you being doing to pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day? Will you be using any of these designs? Let us know via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Published by Billie McKenzie

Freelance Makeup Artist and beauty writer

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