10 Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

Do you dread those winter months when your skin becomes dry, flaky, itchy and down right unmanageable?

We’ve all been there; the winter months bring cold weather, dry central heating and dehydrated, chapped skin. But you don’t have to suffer your way to spring – here we have the top tips for keeping your skin hydrated, soft and supple during those long frosty days.

Skin Preparation

Before you even think about applying make up, you need to look after the skin underneath!

drink water

1. H20 H20 H20!!

The oldest trick in the book and the most simple step to better looking and feeling skin is water! Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated through the day and you’ll see improvements in skintone, eye bags and pesky wrinkles will become smoother. A face lift from the tap!

2. Stop With The Boiling Showers

Us women love a hot steamy bath or shower, but this can also have a really drying effect on your skin. When you take hot shower, the heat softens the natural oils that your skin produces, and the water washes them away. That’s why your fingers go all pruney in the bath or shower – the oils have been washed away and your skin is absorbing water. We’re not saying have a cold shower, just a nice luke warm one that won’t leave you looking like a raisin. And if you do end up feeling a little dry and wrinkly, make sure you moisturise with oil or a body butter to re hydrate your skin and replace those lost oils.

3. Use Gentle Exfoliation

We say gentle because you don’t want to be scrubbing away at your flaky skin – this could just end up doing more damage by leaving you with sore, blotchy skin. Try an exfoliator like Botanics All Bright Purifying Face Scrub, or St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub. Use these 2 – 3 times a week, gently massaging the skin in circular motions, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. These are the most important areas because the T Zone is where you have the biggest build up of oil and dirt during the day. exfoliating these areas removes dirt and bacteria and helps to prevent blackheads and pimples. Avoid exfoliating around your eyes – this skin is very thin and delicate and does not take kindly to abrasion.

4. Avoid Bar Soap

If you have dry skin, using bar soap is literally the worst kind of soap you can put on your skin. Have you ever used bar soap and realised that your skin felt really dry, tight and chapped after? Well this is because many bar soaps contain salt in the form of sodium, which can be very destructive to your skin when used over a long period of time. So whilst you’re trying hard to add moisture into your skin, the sodium is working hard to absorb the water and strip your skin of its natural oils. This means, every time you use bar soap to wash your face, you’re interfering with your skins ability to hold the moisture in. Not great is it! Stick to face wash – it’s more gentle and designed to moisturise as well as clean your skin. Try the Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash or Clean & Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Wash.


5. Apply Moisturiser

A good moisturiser is a key component in banishing dry skin; try a lighter moisturiser for the daytime, anything too heavy will leave skin greasy under your foundation. Then use a heavier one at night – this gives it chance to soak in and really nourish your skin overnight.

For Day Creams I Recommend

For Night Creams I Recommend:

6. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not just used for cooking; it is absolutely amazing for your skin. Coconut oil is natural, it is plant based and it trumps other oils and moisturisers because it is not pumped full of water or petroleum based products. Petroleum based products tend to contain a substance called mineral oil, which acts as a barrier and sits on the surfce of the skin rather than absorbing or nourishing it. This is suffocating for your skin, and very similar to wrapping yourself up in clingfilm. You can purchase it from any local supermarket; great for dry skin, it absorbs really slowly so great for an over night treatment. It is packed with vitamins, and can act as a cleanser, antibaterial and antifungal treatment. After a bath or shower, apply to wet skin, wait 2 mins then towel dry – this locks in the moisture and leaves skin soft and hydrated without a greasy residue.

7. Use A Moisture Spray Throughout The Day

Feed thirsty skin during the day with a moisture spray. Your skin falls victim to the elements dufring the day; weather, pollution, bacteria and heat all contribute to dry, irritated skin. But unfortunately we can’t all remove our make up and moisturise several times a day: a moisture spray moisturises and boosts dry, tired skin without interrupting daily life. Stay in budget with the Simple Kind To Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Mist Spray or treat yourself with Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray all Skin Types.

Make Up


8. Use An Illuminating Primer

The best type of primer for dry skin is an illuminating one – the light pigment can mask blotchiness or aggravated skin. There are hydrating primers out there too if you want something without the sheen. Just stay well away from matte primers are they will just dry your skin out even more. Try Smashbox Travel Size Photo Finish Hydrating Primer or L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer Pure Light.

9. Avoid Heavy Coverage Foundation

Avoid a heavy coverage foundation as this is a nightmare for dry skin; it can become patchy and suffocated, causing flaking and breakouts. A tinted moisturiser or a BB cream will provide you with light coverage as well as nourishing the skin. Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Creme is a little pricey at £34 but is brilliant. It gives you a hint of colour whilst mimizing the look of dark spots, redness and blemishes. I would also try the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm for £36.00 – again a little expensive but a fantastic product with great coverage and a moisturising effect. If you’re on a budget then I would go for the Sleek MakeUp Be Beautiful Blemish Balm priced at £8.99 or the GOSH BB cream for £9.99.

10. Use A Loose Translucent Powder or Blotting Paper

Loose Powder – Now the general rule for dry skin is to avoid powder as it will just aggravate the dryness. I think you should play it by ear; whilst your skin may be extra dry in the morning, you may find that throughout the day you develop some shine or slightly oily areas. A great way to banish any shine is to use a light, loose, translucent powder. Eshiko Ultra High Definition Powder (£22.95) is the best one out there for dry skin. It is as light as air and leaves a soft, smooth finish on your skin. There’s no build up either so you can so you can reapply the powder frequently throughout the day. The Eshiko Ultra High Definition Powder is a little pricey for those who are use to shopping at high-street stores, so if that’s you then a cheaper alternative that I would recommend is the Collection Sheer Loose Powder (£2.50).
Blogging Paper
– The alternative to powder is blotting paper, which is amazing, convenient and effective regardless of your skin type. I love using blotting paper when I’m at work because I’m in an environment where I can’t run to the ladies bathroom every so often to top up my makeup. I love the cute vintage mini booklet of Blotting Paper from DHC. If online delivery isn’t your style then try the  Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers from Superdrug or the Tea Tree Oil Blotting Papers from The Body Shop. 

If you want any tips on skincare, make up or beauty, post your comments below and we’ll get researching! Alternatively tweet us your questions

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  1. Add water fruits to your diet such as watermelon. Watermelon is a good source of vitamin C which helps in curing acne and prevents early sign of anti agings.


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