Romantic Eye Makeup Look | Valentines Day Special

winged eyeliner example

It’s that time of the year when everyone gets a little gooey. Whether you’re loved up, going on a first date, or single and ready to mingle (yes I actually just said that) we want you to look damn fine! To get you looking great, I’ve chosen to show you a classic romantic eye makeup look that will have you looking absolutely gorgeous!

Make up products used for valentines eye make up

Products Used

To get this look you’re going to need some products, which I’ve listed below. The photo above shows the NARS eyeshadow palette, but since this version has been discontinued, I’ve found an amazing alternative – the MUA palette. Before you splash your cash, take a look in your make up bag to see what you’ve got. For the eye shadow colours, you will need shimmery white/cream, matte or shimmery beige/nude/pink, matte dark or chocolate brown.

Let’s Get Started…

step 1 to 31. Using either your finger or the sponge applicator in your palette (I actually think a finger presses more colour on) push the white or cream shadow on the inner corner of your eye and halfway across your eyelid. Don’t blend this too much, you want a solid, strong colour.

2. Using your large blending brush, select a shimmery eyeshadow colour that is close to your skin tone, and then dust it onto the outer corner of your eye. Once applied, blend the colour in until it reaches the area just above your eye socket.

3. Using your small blending brush, take a chocolate or dark brown eyeshadow and begin to define your eye socket. The aim here is to create a definite colour difference between the lid and the socket; don’t be afraid if the line is clear.

step 4 to 6

4. Using your eyeliner create a short winged look. To do this, look straight ahead and continue the line from your lower lash line. Depending on your eye shape, this could be straight across or curved upwards. I have an almond eye shape so curved it upwards.

5. Take your eyeliner again and this time line your upper lash line from the inner to the outer corner. This can be as thick or thin as you like. If you choose a thick line then build it slowly rather than drawing a thick line straight away as this keeps it neat.

6. Finish your look with a slick of mascara. If you’re someone that wears false eyelashes like me, then I would not suggest this. It’s valentines day and a romance themed look, so we want to keep it classic, natural and pretty. If you don’t own a good mascara then I would recommend 17 Mascara. It is one of the best drug store mascaras I have ever come across and never failed to give me fantastic results.

The Results

So here’s the final look – it’s subtle yet chic, classic without being over the top!

final look

But something’s missing, don’t you think? Oh yes the lips! 

Ruby Woo Lipstick & Cherry Lip Pencil (left), Lovelorn Lipstick & Boldly Bare Lip Pencil (right)

We have two choices on Valentine’s day; keep it soft and romantic or sex it up! I thought I would test out both, then you can decide how you feel on the day, maybe go for pink during the day then red in the evening.

I used MAC Lip Pencils and Lipsticks



Here’s the final result…. Which lip colour would you prefer?

final lips look

I think I prefer the red…it makes me feel like a diva! haha. I tell you what, if you like these red lips, then you’ll love the Kylie Jenner inspired ombre lips tutorial that I’m going to bring you on the 26th February! Stay tuned.

If you have any special makeup looks you’d love me to present a guide to then comment your suggestion below. I’m always looking for inspirational ideas from you lovely bunch! Tweet us your romantic valentines day looks with the hashtag #ESValentinesDay

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