Love Vintage? Love Elvira Vintage

Elvira Vintage
Elvira Vintage
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If you’re a lover of vintage fashion like we are then you’ll be happy to know about Elvira Vintagean online boutique launched by two sisters in 2012: Tori Steinberg and Sophie Scrimgeour. With an aim to bring a new approach to vintage shopping across London, their goal is to create the Net-A-Porter of the vintage world. Amazing we know! They sell carefully chosen vintage pieces that have been sourced from top designers all over the world.

“Visually, every product is presented in a way that shows our viewer how they can blend vintage pieces into the average high street-heavy wardrobe” – Tori Steinberg

Fashion pieces from Elvira Vintage cater specifically for the female market, and one thing about the brand is they would like to think that their collection has been “adapted to suit the requirements of fashion culture“. Browsing through their e-commerce website, they present a good variety of fashion items for a start-up, including dresses, waistcoats, shoes, belts and bags. Though they don’t yet have a wide range within each department, we must remember that they’re still new and developing, so it’ll take some time.

Elvira Vintage ItemsAfter everything we’ve said, you’re probably thinking one thing…Net-A-Porter are really expensive and way out of your budget. Well yes they are for most of us, but Elvira Vintage is not. Scrolling through the different departments, we estimate the average starting price to be around £30 for accessories, and £60 for clothing. If we take a specific look at the bags department, their prices range from £30.00 for a Cow Skin Bag, to £200.00 for a Biba 1970’s Chainmail Clutch. So, they may have a clean black and white theme like Net-A-Porter, they may sell high-end brands like Net-A-Porter, but they’re not priced like Net-A-Porter. Yes, you can breathe again!

If you like purchasing items in store as opposed to online then simply pop down to their boutique located in Mayfair, London. We all know how difficult it can be to find quality and unique pieces across the capital, so we hope that this will be the place to shed new light for all the “fashion-focused women” and vintage lovers out there.

Elvira Vintage…remember the name ladies

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