What To Wear With Plaid In Winter

Prints and Patterns are a great way to add some personality to an outfit, but if your someone who get’s frustrating with styling plaid, then I am here to help. Below are 4 great ways that you can style 4 different plaid items; from casual to the working environment, i’ve got you covered.


Winter In Checks - The Weekender
This look blends a colourful checked shawl with a clean nude cable knit jumper and simple blue skinny jeans. We’ve added some flair with a pair of leather knee high boots, accessorised with an oversized handbag and flung in some fluffy earmuffs for the when the temperature drops. Spraying yourself with a sweet scent, like the Marc Jacob Daisy Perfume, will help to tie your “weekender” look together.


Winter In Checks - The outdoors
The traditional Check top sports an outfit suited for a day out in the snow- or for those of us who love to explore. Team a waterproof parka (faux fur lined of course) along with some winter wellies and warm snug tights. Accessorise with some grey tonal nail polish, finger less gloves and woolie socks to ensure you are toasty warm and stylish for your adventurous day out.


Winter in Checks - Girls Night out
This check pastel toned jacket is the modern take on the traditional check. Heading for a girls night out team together with a fail safe leather skirt and grey tonal pieces including some ankle boots and a knit top. Accessorise with a light pink fairy floss lipstick, twiggy inspired eyeliner, a matching  pieces ring and over-sized bag to compliment the pastel tones. For the finishing touch lightly cover yourself in some  of Beckhams Intimately scent..


Winter in Checks - The Work Ensemble
Throughout the winter we always seems to find ourselves stocking up on darker tones especially for work. Its inevitable. To add some spark to your work outfit style together a pair black and white check shoes against a solid block colour pantsuit  and cardigan. To add some colour to the ensemble use some red lipstick and nail polish. Complete your outfit by accessorising with some simple gold jewelry and a medium size handbag.
So there you have it. 4 Trendy outfits for any occasion which you can easily style and en-corporate checks for any occasion. Let me know your favourite check look is!

Published by India Watson

I am a 25-year-old Australian travelling the world a tiny bit a time. Offering advice, tips and blogs to Countries I visit. I love to explore culture, taste food and indulge in fashion. My current Location Mexico

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