Glitter Lips Review


“What is it?” I hear you cry… It’s Glitter – for your lips!

When we first saw this on Instagram, we had to get our hands on it. It’s bold, it’s dramatic and it absolutely screams for attention! This new beauty “must have” item as they say, has been featured on This Morning and in various UK magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Company and Grazia. With this said sometimes we can all be a bit sceptical with trusting these sources, so what better way to know if the hype is real than try it ourselves?

Thats right! We gave Laura, our professional makeup artist, the chance to try this bad boy out for not 1, not 2, but 7 consecutive days. We wanted to ensure she had enough experience using this product to provide us with her open and honest point of view. She provides her feedback detailing her overall experience, as well as her recommendations to all the beauty lovers out there. So if you’re thinking of splashing out a teeny weeny part of your pay cheque to purchase Glitter Lips, then read what Laura had to say below.

Laura’s Feedback

When I was given the chance review this product, I was super excited. I just thought how glamorous would it be to have glitter for your lips! I decided to choose one of the bolder colours they had to offer – ‘Ruby Slippers’, since that’s what the branding behind this product is all about…you know, standing out! The company claims the product to be ‘high impact‘ with ‘attention guaranteed‘ and having ‘up to 8 hours wear‘, so that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

Order and Delivery

Glitter Lips Packaging

On Sunday I ordered Glitter Lips from (a quick and easy transaction), which cost me £12.50 and included free shipping because I resided in the UK. Some, including yourself, might think that this is quite pricey for what is essentially glitter and glue, but try to remember that this is designed specifically for your lips. You can’t just be slapping on pritt stick (no DIY’s please). Considering they offered free shipping for such a cheap product, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when it got delivered Tuesday morning – that is equivalent to Next Day Delivery. The product arrived neatly packaged in a padded envelope; the box was in pristine condition and inside contained the contents: Glitter Pigment, Adhesive, Double-ended Applicator and an Instruction Card.


The application of this product was surprisingly easy considering that the main element is a pot of loose glitter. I thought I would be covered in the stuff so to say I am happy I didn’t end up looking like a christmas decoration is an understatement. The instruction card included in the box is very straight forward and easy to follow. The whole application process contains 4 simple steps and took about 20 minutes til it was completely dry. If like me you’re a visual person, then there’s this great 4 minute video tutorial on their website that you can also follow.


So now we’ve dealt with the basics, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. For me, this products definitely screams attention, so you can pretty much tick off that ‘attention guaranteed‘ claim. It’s bold, eye-catching and actually looks really fantastic. With this being said, it felt really unusual! I mean it’s cool to look at for the first hour or so, but the more time that passed, the more I couldn’t wait to remove this product. For someone that suffers with dry flaky lips, this product is so not ideal. Moisturising my lips throughout the day is very important and I found this to be extremely difficult, if not near impossible to do. Reason being is that once settled, the glitter itself became very drying and rough; I felt like I had fallen face first into a sandpit. Not cool ey!


Well with this out the way, I am sure the biggest question on everyones mind is “Does Glitter Lips really last up to 8 hours?”. Well let me tell you it does! I mean, I ate my sandwich, drank my drink and it stayed completely put! I did get bits of glitter in my mouth and between my teeth, which was very gritty and not so pleasant, but I was very impressed. I think us ladies will all agree when I say it’s about time we had a lip colour that stayed on for longer than the first sip of our drink! It’s just a shame my lips felt like sandpaper. I must say though, I am glad it lasts as long as it says because I’m pretty sure after a few glasses of wine, trying to reapply a neat layer of glitter may result in you looking more like The Joker than Nicole Scherzinger…..and of course because this product is one that cannot be topped up or easily re-applied. The texture of the adhesive gloss is similar to PVA and the one used to apply eyelashes, so when you attempt to put some over the glitter you have already applied, it just pulls it off and/or creates a thick, gloopy layer of stringy glue. Eewww!


This leads me on to removing Glitter Lips at the end of your day/night. Considering the product stayed on for a very long time, the removal process was very easy. The company recommends that you use an oil based make up remover or cleansing oil. Apply it to a cotton pad and wipe it away; it’s as simple as that. An alternative method would be to apply your oil based product directly to your lips, massage and then remove it with a cotton pad. Regardless of your choice and method, it’s quick and easy to do. My lips did feel very dry afterwards but it wasn’t anything that a slick of lip balm couldn’t solve.

Have a beauty product on the market that you would like Laura to review before you splash your cash? Send us your request now for the chance to have it featured.

Final Thoughts

Overall this isn’t a bad product, in fact I think it’s a really good one…for the right person. It does exactly what it claims to do and you definitely get your monies worth, but for me personally, I wouldn’t be investing any more of my money into Glitter Lips. As fantastic and eye-catching as it is, i’m not someone that likes to draw too much attention to myself and I just think that Glitter Lips has a bit too much of that “look at me!” aspect to it. Maybe it was because I decided to go for a bold colour like Ruby Slippers, or maybe it wasn’t. In the end, I just believe that my sense of style just does not accommodate such a bold statement look like a full glitter lip.

Although I think this, I would still recommend this product on a whole. I think if you have an edgy sense of style, like to get dolled up like the TOWIE girls, or like to experiment with dramatic and unique make-up looks, then Glitter Lips is worth adding to your makeup collection. I think Glitter Lips would also be great for photoshoots, video shoots, Christmas parties, festivals and other similar special occasions.

With 7 shades of red/pinks to choose from, and 3 limited edition colours, they do have a good selection to suit all skin tones.  If you want more of a subtle nude colour, then my best recommendation would have to be the ‘Diamond in the buff’. Otherwise, for all the daredevils out there, you’ll have no choice but to purchase a brighter, bolder, “attention guaranteed” shade. Just make sure that when you’re getting ready for your day or night out, you allow enough time in your makeup routine to apply the Glitter Lips.

My Rating

Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Results: 5/5

Overall Score: 4/5

If you want to read up on what other blogs, magazine articles and TV features had to say, then just head over to Beauty Boulevard. What I find admirable and appealing as a customer is that they are not afraid to post the good and bad. Take your time, but remember to come back over here when you’re done 🙂



Here’s my final look! What do you think of bright bold glittery lips? Would you try, or have you already tried Glitter Lips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Published by Laura Henderson

Make up Artist and Blogger!

8 thoughts on “Glitter Lips Review

  1. Hi Laura, this is probably one of the best reviews i’ve read for Glitter Lips. I’ve been looking everywhere. I heard about this and really wanted to give it ago but I think I might give it a miss now I’ve read through everything. It does look great in the picture though 🙂 Also can I ask, what colour did you use for your hair? Sarah


    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for your comment! Glad you enjoyed my review, it does look fab but just not for me! I usually use a L’oreal Casting in Medium Brown! I have ombre ends so I just apply the colour to the root and then brush it down so not to completely cover the blonde! Hope this helps 🙂 laura x


  2. The ‘gloss’ I received was hard and lumpy. Tried to smear on but it was a disaster. Added the glitter and ended up with half covered lips. Really disappointed as I’d ordered it to wear to my wedding in 3 weeks. Won’t be recommending


  3. This is absolutely the worst product I’ve ever used. Literally using pva glue to stick glitter on your lips. Awful!! Lips like sandpaper and really difficult to get off! And if you have someone you like to kiss – forget it!! Mine has gone straight in the bin!!!


    1. Hi Liz. Yeah the PVA glue was definitely weird but it lasts all day and that’s what people look for I guess. Removing was easy for me, but you have to use a oil based product….but like you I don’t recommend in general xx


  4. In light of what we know about toxins in our personal healthcare, I’ve tried to have a look at the ingredients in this lipstick. I can’t find any information. Is there an ingredient lust on the packaging and if so, does it use aluminium?


    1. Hello, please see below the ingredients for Ruby Slipper.

      Glitter Lips Glitter Ingredients: Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Triphenyl Phosphate, Trimethal Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Butyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Citric Acid, Benzophenone-1, Dimethicone

      Glitter Lips Gloss Bond Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, FD&C Yellow #5, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyde Anide, Bismouth Oxychloride, D&C Red #7, D&C Red #6, D&C Red #34


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