Chanele’s Beauty Essentials Review

Chanele EdwardsYes she lives for music, but she’s a lady too….and what lady doesn’t love indulging in makeup. Here at Enterspree, we’ve asked our very own music lover Chanele about her emergency beauty essentials. Exciting we know! Faced with a scenario that happens a bit too often in the world of beauty, she feared not! Instead she confidently takes us through her chosen items and why she just wouldn’t be able to leave the house without them.


The Scenario

Let’s say you got a last minute phone call from a friend asking you to follow her to an event. She says she’ll be outside your house in 5 minutes time, which means you don’t have very long to apply your makeup. What would be your emergency beauty essentials?

Chanele says

For me personally I would take 3 things: Foundation, Mascara and Lipgloss/Lipstick. This way I have my face, eyes and lips covered, which I feel are the most important things I need done to look good going out. Everyone has different personalities so we will differ in preference. Some people have lovely skin and may just prefer to focus on their eyes, thus taking an eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow. Others may prefer to focus on coverage and take a concealer instead. I’m a simple girl who likes the natural look, which is pretty much reflected in my choice of beauty essentials.

Here are the specific items I use and reasons why I love them, would recommend them and ultimately made them apart of my “5 minute emergency pack”.

bareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation. This is definitely the first item I would run for and it’s one that I can’t live without. I know that a lot of people rave about MAC Makeup, and in fact I have a few friends who swear by it, but for me I have found pleasure in using bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. I’ve looked high and low for the best foundations, at reasonable prices of course, that provide everything I wanted, yet found nothing. Liquid foundations provided too little coverage; cream to powder foundations made me feel like I was packing on the makeup and powdered foundations made my face look ashy. So when I found out about Bare Minerals from a friend it was god sent. I never feel like I am wearing any makeup whatsoever, yet it does an fantastic job in providing good coverage for my dark spots and pigmentation; I’m left looking absolutely flawless [did someone say I woke up like this, flawless]. Some may not like the price tag of £25.00, but when using it everyday it lasted me just under 3 months…2 months and 17 days to be specific. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t wear makeup everyday, but neither did I. For the simple fact that this foundation provided me with a natural looking glow without the feeling of having makeup on is the reason I wore it everyday. On top of that, it’s super quick to apply providing you have a really good foundation brush; I use the bareMinerals Full Coverage Kabuki Brushas you will not be able to apply it with your fingers. I guess you can therefore say that’s my negative point. You NEED a brush to use this product and if you’re not careful, you could have an accident and get the stuff all over you. Think of it as a coloured loose powder…not pretty is it.


Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara. My favourite ever! I have to say when it comes to mascaras, for me Maybelline wins hands down. As a high-street brand their range is absolutely amazing and they pretty much do what they say they’re going to do. This particular mascara made it to my essentials because it really lengthens my eyelashes and provides visible volume, as shown in the before and after photo above. I only ever apply 1 coat each to both of my lashes as I find that it’s all I need to get the desired look. My eyelashes never clump together; I find the mascara clearly defines and separates them without a clogging effect. Another great benefit is that the mascara is 100% waterproof. Living in a country where it constantly rains, the last thing I need is to be unknowingly walking around the city with panda eyes. We all know that look…it’s not a good one! So if you’re one to live in a country with terrible weather then this is definitely a strong must have. At the time of purchasing this product, it cost me £7.19, which is so attractive if you ask me. In total the mascara lasted me approximately 6 months, so with all these benefits I don’t really see where you could go wrong.


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick. I’m wearing 260 – Amethyst Shimmer. I haven’t always been a lipstick fan, but over the years Rimmel London have successfully converted me into a lippyholic. I absolutely love this lipstick because it has a fine shimmer to it with a nice smell haha – Okay maybe that’s just me. Although the colour is noticeable, its not overbearing and actually works well as a daytime AND night time product. I have a yellow undertone so I’ve found it hard to find bright colour lipsticks that would work on me, but I must admit that this brightens up my skin wonderfully. The lipstick comes in nice purple packaging and where some lipsticks have a circle head, this one has a triangular head shape so enables newbies to apply the lipstick evenly over the lips without making a big mess of themselves. It’s so good you won’t even need a mirror 🙂 As it only lasts a few hours, the one thing I would improve on is the staying power…but considering its a drugstore product at a reasonable price, £6.49 to be exact, I can’t really complain.


So that’s it! My top beauty emergency essentials. I’d love to grab more but realistically with 5 minutes on the clock, I don’t think i’d be able to do a good job without looking horrid if I were to lets say grab the tweezers, highlighting or contouring kit. I’d probably just have enough time to dust some loose powder over my face to set the foundation. Oh how it’s hard being a lady sometimes! Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, but since I’ve just been put under pressure, I think I’m going to be horrible and do the same to you 🙂 Mwahahaha


Chanele asks:

A friend calls you to follow her to an exclusive event. You have 5 minutes to apply your make-up, what would be your beauty essentials? What 3 products can’t you live without? What makes you glow?

Leave your answers below


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  1. The Colossal Mascara from Maybelline New York has been my Favorite since long and also is very pocket friendly 🙂

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